Sea Pharma - About Us

SEA PHARMAOPTIONS INC. is a fast-growing Filipino company whose aim is to market “ECONOMEDS,” these are quality medicines in major therapeutic categories at prices within the reach of every Filipino patient. We, at SEA PHARMA, are committed to the belief that QUALITY MEDICINES NEED NOT BE COSTLY!

In order to assure quality, we have formed alliances with ISO and CGMP-certified toll manufacturers namely SYDENHAM LABORATORIES and LLOYD LABORATORIES. These companies employ world-class technological facilities and processes that Philippine-based pharma companies and even multi-nationals contract their services. We are also partners with METRO DRUG, MERCURY DRUG, WATSONS and GENERIKA DRUGSTORES for effective distribution and availability of our products nationwide.

We have products, pipelined in the field of cardiology, endocrinology, and infection. Presently, we have:

CETAMID (Acetazolamide 250mg) – the only BFAD approved acetazolamide locally.
CIPROFLOX (Ciprofloxacin 500mg)- a broad-spectrum antibiotic effective specifically for UTI -causing pathogens. For a stronger fight against Urinary Tract Infection!
MEDACLOX (Cloxacillin 500mg) –the tried and tested anti-bacterial for staphylococcal infection.
AZUTROL (Glimepiride 2mg)-answers the key issues in glucose control..
REGUMET (Simvastatin 20mg & 40mg) – Lowering cholesterol made easy!
METANORM (Metformin 500mg & 850mg) – the key to optimized diabetic control with proven cardio protection!
ANGIONORM (Metoprolol 50mg) – Still the first drug of choice for angina and hypertension!
NORMANAL (Diosmin+Hesperidin 500mg)-For veins that look healthy and feel healthy.
VERTROL (Betahistine Hydrochloride 16mg)-Feeling dizzy is no worry
LOCLOG (Clopidogrel bisulfate 75mg)- The Safe-Effective-Affordable way to improve survival!
PLASMIN (Lumbrokinase 250mg) – the novel fibrinolytic enzyme which is an ideal add-on to your management of diabetes, stroke, heart disease and other conditions characterized by hypercoagulation!

We are also proud to inform you that both the management and the field personnel bring into SEAPHARMA, years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry. So as an organization, we represent competence, integrity and high ethical standards.


Our Mission

We are a pharmaceutical company that specializes in the marketing and distribution of affordable, quality health products.


Our Vision

A major healthcare company recognized for its marketing dynamism, sustainable growth and sound business practices. 


Our Philosophies

Providing cost-efficient, quality products is only half of the equation. The other half would be the core values and standards that serve as SEA PharmaOptions’ beacon. As an organization, we shall aspire to:

 Maintain integrity and high ethical standards in our business and personal ways
 Provide opportunities for career and personal growth for our people
 Constantly search for ways to be innovative and competent
 Deliver quality in every undertaking


Our Partners

Central to the business strategy of SEA PharmaOptions, Inc. is providing QUALITY medicines. Thus, we have formed alliances with the country’s leading toll manufacturers and principals – SYDENHAM LABORATORIES INC. - , EDWARD KELLER, Philippines - , and LLOYD MANUFACTURING INC. -, and, all employing world class technological facilities and processes. Their strict manufacturing standards, as evidenced by ISO and ASEAN CGMP certifications, have earned the confidence of Philippine-based pharmaceutical companies, as well as multi-nationals, to contract their services for many years.

We have also recently partnered with international principals such as SHANXI EVERPRIDE and ACME LABORATORIES LTD and Renata Limited. SEA PharmaOptions’ finished products are distributed nationwide thru the modern warehousing facilities and top-notch distribution network of METRO DRUG INC. ensuring availability at MERCURY DRUGGENERIKA DRUGSTORES, WATSON’S and other leading drugstores nationwide.